Android weather forecast application

Tools used

Android studio, Volley framework, several weather forecast APIs

More details?

This is a simple weather forecast app I built as part of a second year project.

This was the first time I ever tried to build a native Android application, and also the first time I used third party web APIs.

As the name implies, it is a straight to the point weather forecast application, where you get the most important data about the weather of a selected location.

This location is later stored in local storage for ease of access.

The "additional info" page was actually the start of the project, as I wanted an application that would show me the sunrise and sunset times, together with the moon cycles, something I use quite often.

The project uses several APIs, namely different ones for getting the weather data and the additional information.

 As for getting the data, I struggled for a while to do the JSON request acquisition myself, but later on found out about Volley, which I still use today in other demo Android projects.